Sunday, 17 November 2013

Easy Cheeky Chocolate Brownies

Readers, I know that I’m the first person to say that baking from a packet is cheating.  But before you close the browser window, allow me to continue…

…Whilst fundamentally, I still believe it’s cheating and doesn’t test your kitchen skills to the limit, the packet cake mix may have introduced a whole new generation of kids (and big kids) to the joys of placing ingredients in an oven, waiting an hour and watching a magical dish appear. 

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a mum or grandma or dad or granddad who can pass on their cooking and baking skills.  Everyone has to start somewhere.

So, putting my morals aside, off I trotted to the kitchen with my Pillsbury Funfetti Brownie Mix, gifted to me by Mr WhatClaireBaked’s Mum.  

I apologise for the delay in writing this.  The range was designed for Halloween, but as I only returned to the UK at the end of October, baking was delayed and these became Bonfire Brownies instead.

The whole process was ridiculously simple.  Oven on at 180c, grease an ovenproof glass dish.  Tip the packet ingredients into a bowl.  Add sunflower oil, 2 eggs and a little water.  Mix 50 strokes and pour into the dish. Take the packet of sugar sprinkle topping (may have made MrWhatClaireBaked hyper… all part of the fun) and sprinkle over the mix.  Door open, in oven, shut door, bake for around 50 minutes.

Ingredients in the bowl ready to mix

50 strokes later!

And yes, I’ll eat my hat.  The whole kitchen slowly filled with a delicious chocolate aroma.  The brownies emerged almost an hour later in all their chocolate glory, deliciously moist, gooey and ideal for sharing.   The tray was so big, I had lots to give out to family and friends, who had no idea how I’d managed to make the brownies. I didn’t tell them until afterwards, that I’d cheated slightly…
Fresh from the oven 
So there we have it.  Enough brownies to feed the 500, mission completed in around an hour and a house that smelt like chocolate.  All in all: a success.
Spot the crunchy top and gooey centre! 
Close up
 So, spare a thought for the person who says: “Oh, it was a packet mix.”  Yes, it may not be a Mary Berry special.  Yes, you may not be challenging your inner Paul Hollywood.  But, if it’s got that person baking and into the kitchen, surely that’s a good thing?  Being able to create something from nothing instils a little confidence in that person.  Who knows, it might just be the starting point for a Great British Bake Off application.

Until next time, I’ll see you in the supermarket home baking aisle, perusing the various boxes…

Find out more about Pillsbury Baking by clicking here

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