Friday, 13 June 2014

Product Review: Veronica's Crunchy Creatures

Readers, today I discovered, well, say discovered, more confirmed, that I’m a big kid at heart.  The lovely people at Veronica’s Snacks, sent me a boxful of Crunchy Creatures, their new corn snacks.
...and I got a nice re-usable bag!
Not only are they 40% less fat than other corn snacks (and 100% yummy) they are also gluten free… Yippee, not for me, but for my coeliac friend, who too can indulge in the dinosaur loveliness.

Dinosaur you say?!  Sorry, I haven’t yet got round to that.  On opening the first bag, I pulled out a small handful and was greeted by a series of cheesy T Rex snacks. Nope, these are not any old cheesy crisp like product.  They are shaped like DINOSAURS.
Yes, it's a cheesy dinosaur...

I am almost certain that these products are designed with kids in mind with the fun coloured packaging and cartoon dinosaurs,  but that doesn't mean a twenty something couple can’t enjoy them on a Friday night whilst watching Spain V Netherlands at the World Cup…

Other virtues of the dinosaurs include being 100% organic (great if you are sharing them with the family, as opposed to your significant other) and they are also suitable for vegetarians.

These are brand new to the market and are distributed through Veronica’s Snacks in Cork, Ireland.  For further information, or where to buy, send an email, I promise they are lovely, to or visit their Facebook or Twitter pages.

For now, I’m off to enjoy the delights of the Spanish national team – for their football skills – obviously – and tuck into another bag of dinosaurs.  

Oh and before I forget the point to this... did I enjoy them?! Absolutely.  They don't smell of artificial cheese, they aren't luminously coloured and they are dinosaur shaped.  Raaaaaaaar. 

Disclosure Statement: I received the samples from Veronica's Snacks for free, to eat and review.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

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