Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Product Review and Recipe: Ambu Tree Marinades

Last week I received some great new fresh marinade samples from Priya at Ambu Tree Marinades.   I've never tried using fresh marinades before and these are also gluten and dairy free, so I've got an instant dinner in the fridge for when my coelic friends come round!

These newly launches marinades come in three flavours – Mild Tandoori, Spicy Tandoori and Chinese Five Spice.   So far I've used the Mild Tandoori and have plans to do a Chinese shredded duck recipe next week using the Chinese Five Spice.
The varieties available

Ambu Tree’s website mentions that these are great for people who aren't confident working with spices and I couldn't agree more.  It was so simple to cover the meat in the marinade, set it aside for an hour or so, then cook it up.  The kitchen was filled with amazing spice aromas and it was so easy to create a great tasting dish.

Each pot is sleeved and each sleeve contains a recipe, top tips and meal ideas: perfect for non confident cooks.  Each pot may only weigh 100g, but as it says on the sleeve, “I may be small but I serve 4-6 people.”   We only used half a tub in our dish and it packed a punch with flavour.

The marinades retail at £3.85 per pot which may seem expensive for the pot size, but given the work and love that goes into each pot, the fact that they are suitable for dairy and gluten intolerant diets and that there are no nasty ingredients in there, it’s perfectly reasonable as an ingredient for a dinner party dish.

The marinades have only just launched at the Allergy and Free From Show, so why not get ahead of your friends and order some before everyone knows about them?!  They are available directly from the Ambu Tree Shop and come shipped with cool pack and in a polystyrene cool box, which is fine.  Just pop them in the fridge as soon as you get the delivery!

You can also follow Ambu Tree on Facebook and Twitter.

So here's the dish I created...
Tandoori Chicken with Peppers Halloumi and Rice

Tandoori Chicken with Peppers, Halloumi and Rice
Serves 2 


6 mini chicken breast fillets
1 red pepper
1 yellow paper
125g halloumi
1 pouch microwave long grain rice


  1. Coat the chicken  in the Ambu Tree marinade and leave aside to chill in the fridge for around an hour.
    Marinade for around an hour
  2. Whilst chilling, start to prep the halloumi and peppers.  Chop each into decent sized pieces, to sit on the grill.
  3. Once the chicken has marinaded, heat a large frying pan or wok with a little olive oil.  Add the chicken and cook through.
    Pan fry the chicken
  4. Whilst the chicken is cooking, add the peppers and halloumi to a medium/hot grill and grill until the peppers go soft and the halloumi begins to colour. 
    Grill the halloumi and vegetables
  5. Once grilled, add to the pan along with an additional teaspoon of marinade and stir to coat.  Continue to cook through.
  6. Meanwhile, cook your rice according to packet instructions, then transfer to the pain and mix through the rest of the ingredients.
  7. Serve immediately.
    And serve!

Disclaimer:  I received the samples free from Ambu Tree to cook with.  Any views expressed are my own. 

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