Saturday, 8 November 2014

Product and Website Review – The Christmas Boutique

Readers, a few weeks back a big brown box arrived at the door.  Pardon the pun, but Christmas came early.  

The Christmas Boutique had been in touch on Twitter looking for bloggers to carry out reviews. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, so went with the line of “if it’s cooking, kitchen or baking related, I’m in.”

So back to the big brown box.  Firstly, I’d expected a couple of things to show up… NOT A BOX FULL!  The tape got ripped off and I delved in to find a whole host of Christmas decorations and treats.  The team at The Christmas Boutique had clearly listened to my requests.  Everything was themed.

Never in my life did I know mini cupcake, full size cupcake, cake slice and macaron Christmas tree decorations existed.  But boy they do!  

The Macarons were absolutely my favourite. The three pack of decorations costs £8.99 which includes delivery.   The decorations are also made from glass – great quality – and are incredibly authentic looking.   Perfect for a foodie this Christmas.  You’ll find them here.
macaron Christmas decoration

My next favourite was the life size cupcake decorations, again made from glass and priced at £8.99 for a pack of two.  They are bright and delicious looking, decorated to the last degree and are even finished with sprinkles!  I don’t have the real tree up yet, obviously, as it’s only November, but had fun decorating our little tree light with the foodie accessories.

Christmas Boutique cake decoration

Also new to the website are the cake slice decorations – three beautiful and bright good-enough-to-eat cake slices, made from glass, finished with glitter and perfect to bring out your inner girly side this Christmas.

Christmas Boutique Cake Decoration

The Christmas Boutique must have known that my baking was in demand this festive season, as they sent some oh-so-cute stacking cake tins, decorated with polar bears.   The beauty of these is that they fit inside each other.  I have limited cupboard space at blog HQ, so at least I can be storing these together and not wasting space.  Genius! I’m looking forward to using these at an up coming bake sale in aid of TCCL Lodge in December.  They will look great at our cake station.

Reindeer storage tins
And last but not least, I need to mention Christmas Bear. Or Albert as he’s now been named.  He’s a draft excluder!  He wears Christmas dungarees and a Christmas hat!  He’s a happy little thing!  We’ll definitely use him to decorate the house this Christmas.  If nothing else, he will put a smile on any visitors faces.  He also has some friends available at the Christmas Boutique… Including a rather cute moose.
teddy bear draft excluder

The Christmas Boutique is a fantastic resource for anyone who LOVES Christmas.  They have a full catalogue of decorations, home accessories, wall art, advent calendars and just about anything festive to turn your home into Santa’s grotto (perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it’s all about keeping control of that online basket).     The best part – the website offers free standard delivery.    How many times have you seen something online you like, but you only want to buy one thing and are put off by the delivery charges?  Problem solved - offer customers free delivery!

From the traditional, to whimsical and modern, there’s something online for everyone at the Christmas Boutique.
My goodies from The Christmas Boutique

Disclaimer: I received a selection of items from The Christmas Boutique, for my review.  Any opinions expressed are my own.