Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Product Review: Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea

Readers, we’re back to tea loving again. It’s freezing outside and no word of a lie, it’s snowing.  Nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea then?!   As I’m on a bit of health kick at the moment I’m left my milk and sugar behind in favour of olive leaf tea.  What’s that you ask?

We’re talking tea.  Healthy tea. That’s harvested from the leaves of olive trees.  Yes, you heard correctly.  Olive treas.  And I've been sent some to try from Mirabilia.

Olive leaf tea has been made in Italy for hundreds of years and I’ve only just heard about it!  It’s full of health enhancing properties including being high in antioxidants (more than green tea), can boost the immune system, which is ideal in winter and is antibiotic, antiviral and can even help with weight loss.

It’s ready in 6 minutes – just add a big pinch to a teapot or infuser.  I bought a handy travel tea infuser when I was in China – it’s suddenly come in very handy! The tea can be drunk hot, tepid, cold or iced.  So far, I’ve preferred it hot.  I drink a lot of herbal tea at work anyway, as I feel it’s better for me than mountains of caffeinated coffee or soft drinks, so for me this was a natural switch.

My thoughts…

Actually, it’s very tasty.  When I opened the bag, I got a big hit of a “tea smell”.  I know that probably sounds odd, but I was preparing for a big hit of olive.   I didn’t really get that.  I found it reassuring, as I feel like I’m drinking tea!

But back to taste, it’s got a lovely refreshing flavour.  I am notoriously bad for forgetting about a cup of tea halfway through, and giving up on it, but this one made me want to finish it whilst it’s hot.

I’ve got bad asthma in winter but the owners of Mirabilia have assured me that it’s also great for keeping asthma symptoms at bay.   The world and its wife appear to have the cold in the office, so I’m making the effort to have a cup of this every morning for the next week, to try and ward off these nasty bugs. (Will let you know how it goes!)

The leaves are also grown on an organic farm, which makes me feel good about drinking them! I’m visualising happy trees right now…

The olive leaf tea is available from some big name retailers including Booths, Whittards and Whole Foods, but is also available to buy directly from www.OleafT.com for £4.69 for 30g of premium loose leaf tea.

Disclaimer:  I received a free sample of Olive Leaf Tea to try.  Any opinions expressed are my own. 

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