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Baharat Chicken Skewers with Grilled Vegetables and Raita

Readers, this post has been a long time coming.  I’m reminded of it every time I open my spice cupboard and spot the little sachets with hand written labels.

The Spice Kitchen – a UK based online spice retailer got in touch recently, asking me to review some spices for them.  I still have some Gharam Masala to review but for this recipe, I used the simply stunning Baharat.  I had no idea what Baharat was – it came recommended from The Spice Kitchen, when I said I enjoyed working with meats.

Baharat contains: Allspice, Peppercorns, Cardamon, Cassia, Cloves, Coriander Seeds, Nutmeg and Paprika. It had a rich depth of flavour, but it’s by no means overpowering. 
The Spice Kitchen
Yay... spices!

I used this incredibly simply – a tablespoon of spice and a glug of sunflower oil, mix together and drop the chicken in to marinate for around half an hour. Then grill.  Easy.  


Baharat Chicken Skewers with Grilled Vegetables and Raita

Ingredients (serves two)
Ras El Hanout Chicken

2 chicken breasts, cut and put onto wooden skewers
1 tablespoon Baharat from The Spice Kitchen
2 tablespoons sunflower oil


1 aubergine
2 peppers
10 cherry tomatoes
Olive oil to coat


Natural greek yoghurt
½ cucumber
1 teaspoon dried mint
Ground sea salt  


  1. Prepare chicken.  Soak wooden skewers in water to prevent burning.
  2. Prepare the marinade.   Add the Baharat and sunflower oil to a bowl and mix to combine.  Add the chicken and coat with the marinade.  Transfer to the fridge for 30 minutes.
    Prep the chicken
  3. Whilst chilling, prep the raita.  Grate half a cucumber into a bowl and squeeze out the excess water.  Discard excess water and return grated cucumber to the bowl. Add greek yoghurt until the cucumber is coated, but the mix should not be sloppy.  Add the mint and salt.  Stir to combine and refrigerate until serving.

    Prep the raita
  4. Preheat the grill to medium high. Next, prepare the vegetables.  Chop the pepper into large chunks and wash the tomatoes.  Cut up the aubergine last, otherwise it will go brown.
  5. Drizzle vegetables with olive oil.  Add the chicken onto the skewers.
    Prep the aubergine last
  6. Place chicken and vegetables under the grill for around 10 minutes, turning halfway through.  Cook chicken until the juices run clear and the meat is white throughout.
  7. Remove the raita from the fridge and plate up all three components of the dish. Serve immediately.
    chicken skewers
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Disclaimer:  I received a selection of spices free from The Spice Kitchen to cook with. Any opinions expressed are my own. 

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