Monday, 1 June 2015

Product Review - The Foodie Market at Aldi

Readers, tonight’s post is a review of some tasty snacks found over at Aldi.  Yes, you heard right… Aldi.

No longer said quietly, under your breath, Aldi lead the movement in taking your own bags to the supermarket (or leaving with cardboard boxes).  Aldi is the new middle class supermarket of choice.  At weekend’s the Audi and Range Rover brigade squeeze themselves into the parking spaces and attack the middle aisle baskets with gusto. Picking up everything from discounted cookware, to a welder and coordinating safety accessories (yes that was my Dad).

Whilst on the way round, shoppers can pick up some of the new Foodie Market snack range – located at the checkout, just so you know.

The lovely people at Aldi’s PR team sent me some samples of the 5 fruit and seed bars in various flavours, as well as some of their oat and seed crackers.
Aldi - The Foodie Market Snacks

The fruit and seed bars come in a range of flavours and the selection I have are all less than 100kcal per bar.  I’ve been trying my best not to get carried away with snacking, so these are great for a mid morning snack at work.  I feel they fill me up too – and  I don’t feel too guilty about eating them.  Coming In at £1.49 a box for 5 bars, these are kind of the purse and would do a week’s worth of office snacks.

My least favourite was the apple, carrot and seed bars – they weren’t bad, just a little too bland for my liking.

So far, my favourite is the blackcurrant and seed bars (they are the the ones in the purple box).   I love the packaging of these bars – it’s fun, bright and appealing.   Also, the coloured wrappers are good for bottomless handbags.  Unlikely to get lost.
My favourite of the three sent

Next up, I enjoyed some of the chia and oat crispbreads.  I’m not normally one for things resembling cardboard, but I have to say, these were really good. Mr WhatClaireBaked was sent off to the office with a pack for snacking and soup accompaniment.

I also took mine to work and enjoyed a healthy packed lunch.  I topped mine with reduced fat red pepper humus and finished with cooked chicken breast.   It was easily assembled at work and was healthier than a sandwich. 3 of these filled me up curbed my afternoon snacking.
the foodie market Aldi
My lunch!
All in all, I enjoyed my snack selection.  The items are good value, the packaging appeals to the person on the go – whether it’s post workout fruit and seed bars, or just to keep in the car for between meetings, I’d buy these again.

Disclaimer: I was send a selection of samples from Aldi, to review.  Any opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Do these contain any suphur dioxide (so2) or e numbers?

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don't have the packaging to check but if you contact Aldi or check the back of pack in store, this should help.

    2. No E num. or so2, also no added sugar or salt. Mainly fruit, wholegrain oats, juices, wheat gluten! ...
      I love the blackcurrant and berry/cherry ones! :)

  2. where can you buy the chia and oat crackers, bought them from Aldi, but not in stock, need to send to my daughter in Spain who loved them, does any other supermarket sell them?

  3. Just bought a pack of these today. Totally yummy and my daughter tells me that they're only 5 syns each for anyone who is in Slimming World.

  4. Hi, would you know if "1 of your 5 a day" on the box means 1 portion out of 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day? It does not confirm this and I suspect it implies this, but legally may not mean it... thank you

  5. Hi, does anyone know the syn value in the oats and honey granola bites tia