Sunday, 23 August 2015

Glasgow Life Part 1 – Brunch, Cocktails & Afternoon Tea

Readers, as part of my commitment to regular blogging, I’m hoping to add a “Glasgow Life” feature every so often on the blog.

For those of you who may or may not have realised (blog header needs updated, sorry!) Mr What Claire Baked and I have recently relocated.  We’re now in Glasgow.  Careers, a need for a change and liking the city has led us to live southside and over the next few months, I am hoping to chart our foodie adventures as we go.
glasgow tenement flats
Glasgow Life!

My lovely friends arrived yesterday for a day out and wanted to see where we lived as well as spending some time in the city.  We had a typical ladies day, starting with brunch and ending with cocktails.

One of my good friends is coeliac and we’ve always tried to find a venue that caters to her wherever we go – by caters, I mean be happy to provide gluten free alternatives: not suggest she brings her own roll and they’ll provide the filling (somewhat takes away the experience when you’ve to take a handbag big enough to fit a roll in!)

We started our day at The Glad Café on Pollockshaws Road, next to Queens Park.  Tucked down an alley it’s a café by day and provides craft beers, wines and entertainment of an evening. “Gluten Free Fi” as she’ll now be known was delighted to have French toast with bacon and maple syrup – served on the café’s vast selection of gluten free bread and rolls.  Result was a big thumbs up from her!
Photo Credit: The Glad Cafe 
We headed back into town for some shopping, before going down to Merchant City for afternoon tea at Arisaig -  a Scottish restaurant located in Merchant Square.  Despite being there on an itison deal (great value), the venue didn’t treat us differently or try to move us on quickly.  Hats off to Autumn and the staff who took a delivery of 30th birthday decorations the day before and had dressed the table for us arriving.  A surprise for the first 30 year old in the group! We treated ourselves to some prosecco with raspberries, then enjoyed a few hours in Merchant Square, even stopping off to visit the craft market that takes place on a Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 6pm.  Autumn even popped out to check everything was ok and we were happy with the décor.
arisaig afternoon tea cakes
Selection of cakes at Arisaig, Merchant City

Again, Gluten Free Fi was catered for with A LOT of sandwiches and some cakes.
gluten free arisaig
Gluten Free Afternoon Tea Selection

Our day of eating was thirsty work, so we finished off our afternoon with some cocktails in October – the top floor cocktail bar in Princes Square shopping centre.  Take note – this is no ordinary shopping centre.  The second floor has some lovely restaurants and the bar has a nightclub feel up on the top of the building.  Drinks prices are reasonable at around £6 for a cocktail that’s properly mixed.  We all had variations on berry cocktails seeing as it was summer.   The bar was packed with girls heading on a night out:  much more glamorous than us, who’d been out since 9.30am.
cocktail october glasgow
Strawberry Collins Cocktail at October
All in all a great day was had by one Glasgow newbie and three Glasgow visitors. This concludes Glasgow Life Part 1… tune in next time, for more city foodie adventures! 

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