Saturday, 31 October 2015

#ExpressYourShelf Challenge Day 6 and 7


I've come to the end of my challenge...

Day 6

I was feeling pretty chuffed with my spending habits this week, so I treated myself to a toast and Nutella for breakfast (other nut based spreads are available).   I’d had enough of fruit and fibre by this point…

So chuffed by my week of savings, I went wild and bought a Boots sushi meal deal for lunch, totalling £3.25.  A rookie error some may say – I had a 12pm til 2pm meeting where food was on offer.  But didn’t know that until I got there.  

Last night’s dinner was a feast of epic proportions.   The Mexican party got going.  We made far too much food for 5 people, but the freezer was on hand to welcome unused portions to feed us into next week.  Top tip – buy Tupperware by the bucket load.  Any time friends come over and you make too much food, pop leftovers into a tub and into the freezer.  They make great standby dinners for one when you want good home cooked food in a hurry. 

I did make my own salsa last night using the contents of the fridge.  3 leftover tomatoes, ½ white onion, 1 jalapeno pepper, a handful coriander leaves, lime, salt and pepper.  Chop all the veg as small as you can add it to a bowl, season and mix.  An easy dip that tastes much more authentic than shop bought salsa.

Total spent today: £3.25
Total spent for the week: £36.29 (+£15.67 top up for the dinner party)


Day 7

Last day of the challenge and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being creative with leftovers and working to an even tighter budget than usual for the food shop.   It just goes to show how much food gets wasted in the UK.  Even for 2 very busy people, it only takes 5 minutes to scoop the extras out of the dish, into a tub and into the freezer… LEFTOVERS DON’T NEED TO GO IN THE BIN PEOPLE!

Today we had bacon sandwiches for brunch.  The bacon was bought earlier in the week and the bread was frozen from the weekly shop.   Just needed the help of the toaster to defrost it quickly.  Et voila, café fresh bacon sarnies.  With lots of sauce (red preferably).

Tonight’s dinner – some more pasta from the cupboard, a sauce made from store cupboard flour, butter and milk and the Edam cheese (yep, the 23p block is still going).  Some smoky bacon lardons, fried til crisps added a meaty element to the dish and the 23p Edam sprinkled over the top made for a posh mac and cheese. 

Seeing as it’s Saturday, I went wild with a glass of Rioja from the wine rack.    Didn’t even have to buy it out of the budget!

Mission Complete.   I’m planning to continue saving the world one Tupperware portion at a time.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a £40 Tesco voucher to cover my food expenses during the week of the challenge.  Any opinions expressed are my own. 

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