Friday, 27 November 2015

Day Out: Foodies Christmas in Edinburgh

Readers, I’ve been off on my foodie travels again.  Only 45 minutes on the train this time, over to Edinburgh to meet up with the lovely Nikki from Couthie Cantie.

We were asked along to Foodies Christmas, held in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago to help get us into the Christmas spirit.  The event was held at the EICC – just a short walk from Haymarket train station.

Nikki and I arrived earlier and were really glad we did.  By the time we left at 1.30pm the venue was incredibly busy.  Lots of ticket deals were running in the run up to the event and I think lots of visitors took advantage of the offers. 

We arrived in time to register for one of the sessions and despite it being early, we were both keen to head off to the wine tasting.  We had around 40 minutes before the session started so took the opportunity to go and visit some of the great Scottish producers in the artisan markets.  The food areas were split out left and right when you got down the escalator, so we went left first, capturing a glimpse of the cookery demonstrations which were happening in the hall too.

We tried some great ginger beer at the Crabbies stand, then took the chance to see some of the craft beer and gin producers – all with great flavour combinations.
Marvellous Mustards - make your own at home!

Chatting away with craft brewers from Glasgow
Nikki and I were really looking forward to the wine tasting session which turned out to be really informative.  I tend not to think too much about the wines I buy, apart from knowing which varieties  I like.  Our session focused on the Rhone region in France – by the end of it, we were set to book a flight and drive our way from top to bottom.  There were reds and whites to try –the region is famous for its reds, but the whites were equally delicious.  We finished with a dessert wine, making our way through 6 different varieties on our virtual tour of France.

Following our session, we headed back to the other side of the producers market, saying hello to the guys at Poporopo Gourmet Popcorn and our friends at Summer Harvest Oils.  We tried brownies, smoked salmon, cheese and even South African biltong on our travels.  Needless to say, neither of us left empty handed.  I picked up some amazing artisan bread from Mhor, which I got stuck into with homemade soup after the event.
Artisan bread from Mhor

Scotland's only producer of Mead

Our only criticism – either the halls were a bit small or the event was oversubscribed.  By the afternoon, it was almost impossible to get down the aisles in the food village without pushing people out of the way.  A great sign that the event was popular, but frustrating if you wanted to get close to the producers and chat with them.
Enjoying the entertainment

Nikki and I enjoyed our morning at the event and thanks to the organisers for providing us with a couple of free tickets to attend. 

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