Saturday, 9 April 2016

Product Review: Fairtrade Geobars

Readers, I’m delighted to be doing a product review for you all today. It’s been a while!  I’ve been so focussed on trying to post recipes recently that I’ve not really had a chance to approach anyone or be approached for a review post.

Anyway, today I’m talking Geobars.   Why do I like them?  Well, the Traidcraft mentality and a global mix of Fairtrade ingredients are a good start.

Many of you probably remember these products, as they’ve been around for years.  I remember them from playtime snacks at school but they’ve recently had a bit of a revamp.  The recipes have been improved for an even tastier product.
fairtrade geobar

Geobars support Fairtrade growers around the world which I really like.  I’m not for exploiting people in less economically developed countries just because labour is cheap and crops are plentiful.  People should be a paid a fair price for the food they grow and the effort that goes into it.

The bars come in packs of 5 – so that’s your week of work snacks sorted and are a 35g serving.  Calorie contents vary between 120 and 134 kcal per bar, so not too bad for you.   I received samples of the Wild Apricot, Mixed Berry and Chocolate varieties.

Firstly, I enjoyed how chewy and fruity the apricot and berry bars were.  The raisin and chocolate bars are almost a guilt free chocolate bar if you are calorie counting.   They are over 10% of your daily intake of sugar per bar – so be cautious, one a day is enough – but I believe in everything in moderation and enjoying a balanced diet.

The side of each pack also lists the ingredients which comply with Fairtrade standards – so at least you know who you are helping as you eat.

Looking to buy?  You’ll find these online at the and Sainsburys and Waitrose also stock.  Prices vary from £2.00 to £2.50 for a pack of 6.

The new and improved recipes taste even more chocolatey and even more fruity – a win in my eyes.  They are also a great source of fibre and for the vegetarians amongst you, don’t worry, they are veggie friendly.
fairtrade geobar

If you’d like to find out more, visit or check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Disclaimer: Geobar sent me three boxes of bars to try.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

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