Saturday, 30 April 2016

Product Review: Propercorn Popcorn

Hi Readers!

Excited to have a product review to undertake this weekend.   A couple of weeks ago, I received a big orange satchel based box through the post, with a selection of six different bags of Propercorn.

For those of you who don’t know, Propercorn is “done properly”.  It’s made in Britain, is vegan friendly, GM free, gluten and wheat free.  Glad we’ve cleared that up as a starting point!

The brand was founded based on a Dad who was a hopeless cook but who could bash out a decent pot of popcorn. Thanks Cassandra, we appreciate you sharing your Dad’s great flavour combinations with us all!

I had a selection of sweet and savoury sent out to me.  I’m halfway through the box, having munched all the sweet bags and I’ll looking forward to trying the savoury bags as part of office packed lunches next week, when I’m back into a work routine after Italy (more of that to follow soon!)

Bags might weigh only 20g, but there’s lots of lovely munchy popped kernels inside every bag. The calorie content is lower than even a “healthy” bag of crisps, so there’s a guilt free snack if I ever saw one!

So, my thoughts so far… I’ve enjoyed all of the sweet varieties and was pleasantly surprised by the Sweet and Salted flavour.  I’ve heard loads about the revolutionary sweet and salty popcorns out there but never really felt the urge to try it.  Handy, when it lands on your door for a review.  Turns out its really moreish and odd as it sounds, works together.  My favourite so far was the Sweet Coconut and Vanilla.  Again, not something I’d automatically try…. The coconut sweets are always left in the box at Christmas, I’ve no idea why, childhood trauma maybe?!  However, I loved this! Sweet, but not too sweet… moreish enough to think “I’d enjoy that in share size”.

propercorn smooth peanut and almond

The brand junkie in me loved the care and attention put into getting the package out.  I received a £5 gift box in the mail – the presentation was great, I loved the fact I had a chance to try all the flavours and the bright, summery colours would look great out on the table at drinks with friends, or adorning the patio furniture for a summer barbeque.
propercorn popcorn

Thanks Propercorn… I really enjoyed the chance to try these nifty little snacks!  For more information, check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Disclaimer:  I was sent a box of 6 bags of Propercorn to review.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

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