Monday, 13 June 2016

Product Review: Lavazza Prontissimo Coffee

Readers, it’s nice to be doing a product review again… for some lovely coffee.  The PR team at Lavazza sent me over some of their new instant coffee to sample and give my feedback.  Hello Lavazza Prontissimo.

I received one tin of medium and one of the intense varieties.   Naturally, an office job that’s client facing and involves having to converse with people in the morning requires the strongest hit first thing.  The “intenso” has now been relocated to my desk at work.
lavazza prontissimo review
Behold... Intenso

Happened to offer a cup to my colleague the other day who was really impressed by the standard of product and claimed it tasted “almost the same as straight from a cafetiere”.  So in short, they were impressed.

Office coffee is an interesting thing… I watch people going into the canteen with their cafetiere-for-one and very expensive, sourced from the deli ground beans.  Frankly, I’m lazy when it comes to that and too tight go via overpriced-coffee-chain-brand on my way to the office in the morning… At £3 a cup, once per day, that’s easily £60 a month on coffee alone.

The beauty of these tins is that there’s 52 servings in each.  At £4.70 for a 95g tin, that’s value.  Trying to save money?  Coffee lovers could save £55 a month by forgoing their chain store cup for a make your own version.  What’s better, there’s no faffing about.  Add a teaspoon or two to your cup, add hot (NOT BOILING!) water and stir in milk and sugar if desired.  That’s all it takes.  Caffeine hit achieved, without hitting the pocket hard.
lavazza prontissimo review

Prontissimo is Lavazza’s first foray into the instant coffee market. With a high percentage of microground roast coffee granules which maintain the coffee oils, there’s more flavour here per cup than your average instant.

The Medio variety comes with 20% microground coffee and is a lower acidity than the Intenso with notes of caramel.   I prefer the Intenso to get me going in the morning and the Medio mid-morning, when I’m ready for a bit of a pastry and have woken up to the world.
lavazza prontissimo review

Lavazza’s new Prontissimo range is available in Sainsburys, Waitrose and Tesco stores across the UK, priced at £4.70 for the 95g tins and £3.75 for the smaller pouches.

Disclaimer: I was sent some samples of Prontissimo to try and review. Any opinions expressed are my own. 

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