Saturday, 2 July 2016

Glasgow Living Part 5 - Wontons at The Glad Café

Readers, I’m off back to my ever popular Glasgow living series tonight.   I discovered a great activity the other night… Wonton making at The Glad Cafe

Organised by Ricefield Arts – a cultural group bringing Chinese culture across Scotland – it was a fantastic night, great value for money and the only disappointment being that not more people attended.  All in there were around 8 of us – meaning we could really learn what we were doing in a small group environment.

Our teachers were young people who’d come over to Scotland – some as students, some for careers but all in, they wanted to share their experiences of real Chinese food with us all. We travelled to Northern China and Inner Mongolia back in 2014, so could share our experiences of food and travel with everyone.

The night got started with a presentation from Ricefield, telling us about wontons – how they vary across the country, how many ways they could be folded and the different things they could be filled with.  We split the group by meat and veggie – we took up some spaces at the meat table and learned how to make “little clouds” – when the dumplings are boiled they go a little like pasta and suck in towards the filling, making something that translates as swallowing crowds.  Our teachers also fried up some dumplings to start with, which were amazing.
ricefield arts wonton night
Making our dumplings

We used pre-made dumpling wrappers, available from your local Chinese supermarket and learned how to fold them in different ways.  Our teachers then took our dumplings back to the kitchen and turned them into a delicious broth, made with water soy, bok choi and cabbage.   Not only did we get to learn a new skill, we also got fed.

ricefield arts wonton night
Our soup (cooked up by the experts)

Many of you will be aware that I love The Glad Café for brunch, but until Thursday, I had no idea there was a whole area through the back, with a stage and bar.  It’s usually used for gigs, but provided the perfect space for us to work from.   

The highlight for us, was sitting down as a group at the end of the night and sharing our wonton soup around the table whilst discussing our different cultures and learning from others.  After everything that’s been in the news in the last week about racial hate crimes on the rise, our evening couldn’t have been further from this.  What makes me proud to live in Glasgow, is our acceptance towards different communities and the fact we all live peacefully and integrate with each other.  Part of Ricefield’s remit is to help the Chinese community integrate better with their Scottish neighbours and this definitely was achieved on Thursday night...
Hi everyone!

...Oh and the best bit, the whole night cost us less than £10 each (excluding the additional alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks we purchased). 

A great event, a fantastic way to bring different backgrounds together and I’m really hoping to get along to one of their future classes.

For more information, visit the Ricefield Arts website.

Until next time, happy weekend! 

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