Sunday, 3 July 2016

Product Review: New 250ml Cans from Karma Cola

Readers, the one thing I love about blogging is the opportunity to discover cult, new, interesting brands.  And it’s happened again.  An organic soft drink with no nasties? AHOY! Read on…

Karma Cola started its life in lovely looking glass bottles, however, spotting a need in the food to go category, have developed oh so cute dumpy little 250ml cans.  Why I love these guys – the PR guide suggests that water should always be your first port of call for hydration, however, if you are fancying something a little more exciting as a treat, this could be the soft drink for you.
karma cola
Amazing artwork on the cans

The brand currently produces three different varieties -  the classic karma cola, delicious and zesty lemonade and a ginger ale, fronted by the gorgeous and voluptuous “Gingerlla”.
Lemonade, Gingerella and the Karma Cola original bottle
Each can is filled with organic and fairtrade ingredients, so you can rest easy that the farms supplying to the company are being given a fair price for the products they produce.  On the nasty-o-meter these products rate pretty low, thanks to the organic produce that’s used in each can.

Cola nut farmers in Sierra Leone are receiving a proportion from each sale to invest in their own community projects – helping build an economy and preventing locals from relying on NGO handouts.

So, ever since these lovely arty cans arrived at my door, I’ve spotted the products popping up at a number of community interest cafes and lovely eateries locally, including the new Naked Café in Edinburgh (calm down all, it’s the food that’s naked, not the staff or the diners) and my brunch go-to The Glad Café in Glasgow.

Fear not, if you haven’t yet seen these great products in your local café – cans are available at Waitrose, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Ocado at £1.25 per can… and if you’re looking to stock up in bulk there’s also 4 packs available for £3.95 (less than £1 a can, to be a good person and support nice people, y’all).
Loving the cans so much, we've added them to the shelf!

And if the 250ml can isn't enough, you’ll find the larger glass bottles on sale in Waitrose (in store and online) and also on Ocado, priced at £1.59 each

So the verdict in our house… Mr WhatClaireBaked loves the Ginger Ale and is looking forward to trying it as a cocktail mixer.  Me on the other hand, I’m more classic…. Karma Cola all the way

#drinknoevil       OK! 

For more information, check out the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Disclaimer: I received samples of the new 250ml cans to test and review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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