Wednesday, 19 July 2017

So… Just WHAT Is Private Dining?

Readers,  the joy of blogging is uncovering new and exciting food experiences.  Sometimes it’s the joy of educating others about my experiences and other times, it’s talking about new stuff!

Take for example, The Private Dining Directory.  It’s a one stop shop for all things private dining in the UK.   You can select by city, then venue and discover all the best private dining spots in your city (local or otherwise).

private dining directory

Alas, WHAT IS PRIVATE DINING, I hear you ask?   It’s not just for the rich and famous.  There are plenty of opportunities when private dining could be relevant. You’ve a group of customers coming up from London and you want to take them for dinner?  Why sit with everyone else, when you could have a room to yourself?   You want to treat the management team as they’ve worked really hard?  Make them feel special with a private dining experience.  Just got engaged?  It’s a great way to bring both families together and meet in a quiet space.  Congratulations on your engagement… suddenly it’s time for the hen and you’re a classy lady… why not consider private dining?  You get the picture.
The Private Dining Directory lists by occasion, so it’s not just personal events you can enquire about.  You can search for conference and meeting spaces, wedding venues and even a special place for a proposal.

The idea of this directory is really useful.  I’m currently engaged and searching for wedding venues in or near Glasgow was a case of check out what you know, then ask Google the rest.  For venues listed on the directory, it’s an easy way to see what they can do, approximate pricing and how many the venue can hold.  There’s the option to check availability if you’ve got a chosen date, or you can add a number of venues to the enquiry form and send out an enquiry to a few places if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

This is a great little resource for individuals searching for dinner somewhere different (a fair few of these have a small minimum of around 8 people – probably not that hard to get to) or could be useful for marketing, PR and corporate relations professionals looking to impress their colleagues with their knowledge of the local dining scene… just with a little help.

For more info, check out the directory's social pages on Twitter and Facebook.

This post is sponsored by The Private Dining Directory. 

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