Monday, 12 March 2018

Favourite Holiday Moments with Holiday Gems

Readers, you’ll probably have noticed my blog’s focusing more than ever on travel?  I still LOVE FOOD – making it, baking it and eating it, but I also love flying off to faraway places, experiencing new cultures and of course, enjoying their food.

Holiday Gems recently got in touch asking me to talk about some of my favourite travel moments of the last few years… so here we go!

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48 Hours in Rio

A few years back, my now husband and I went to South America and to Rio – well before the Olympics and The World Cup made it cool. We were there for nearly a week, but 24 hours in particular stands out to me.  We negotiated the local bus system (more Ford Transit, hop on and hope for your life) and made it to the cable car, up to the midpoint of Sugarloaf Mountain. We nipped off to admire the views, grab a beer and then discovered that helicopter rides took off from the helipad at this point.   We jumped at the chance and half an hour later, had our ear defenders on, the rotorblades were spinning and we were on board, soaring high in the sky, above Christo Redentor – the status of Christ that watches over the city below.  We waved to the tourists and they waved back, before we swooped down to Copacabana Beach below, flying over the turquoise waters and golden sands… the sunbathers just tiny specks on the horizon.
Sunset from Sugarloaf Mountain 
Our chopper dropped us off back at Sugarloaf Mountain, where we ascended to the summit in time for sunset.  Enjoying the laid back Brazillian vibes, we hopped on a rock, grabbed a drink and watched the burnt ambers, golden hues and orange glows of the sun going down, with Christo Redentor in the background.  
Cable Car at Sugarloaf Mountain

And Closer To Home…

Adventure doesn’t have to be a 12 hour flight away.  Just a short hope from the UK can take you to cities and cultures different to ours, where the food is tasty, the buildings are beautiful and the vibe is relaxed.

Madrid is one of these great cities – drop by a tapas bar for a cervesa or two and you’ll be served with regional small plates to snack on, as you enjoy the atmosphere around you.  The main square is home to buskers and street artists in the evening and we had a great night just watching a group of guys perform a show on rollerblades.    We mastered the public transport system within a day – choosing to take the underground between the tourist sites and enjoying a walking tour to familiarise ourselves with the central zone quickly.
Tapas in Madrid

And the churros… wow.  There are churro cafes dotted all over the city – where you can enjoy a coffee to wake you and a fried churro with hot chocolate dip to power you up for a day of sightseeing. 

So there you have it folks - two absolute "gems" - get it?! - of trips I've experienced in the last few years. Both different, but fabulous! 

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