Saturday, 24 March 2018

Glasgow Living Part 28 - Smashburger on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Readers, hi! Welcome to my new look blog.  Thoughts?  Do you like it? It was time… after 5 years we needed to freshen up.  Content is pretty much the same – food, travel, recipes etc but presented with a fresh new look and name.

Anyway, after a bit of time away from reviews to do the whole LETS GET MARRIED thing (I might post on that soon) I’m back at it, with a trip to Smashburger in Glasgow… all the way from Denver, Colorado.

This Glasgow food blogger was off on another Glasgow foodie adventure!

smashburger glasgow photo by what claire did

Glasgow is awash with burger joints and these guys are aiming to stand out with their “smashed” patties – they fork the meat in store, then hand press into burgers – it’s not machine made stuff at Smashburger.  They do sit on the more premium side – around £12 for a burger, side and soft drink with unlimited refills from one of those cool machines that you can add in fruit flavours to your Sprite and more.  So all in, you’re looking about £25 for a meal for two. It’s more of a treat venue than a lunchtime stop off. 

The staff are really friendly, including Fareed (I hope I’ve spelt your name right!) the manager who took some time to talk to us about the way the meat is “forked” then shaped into burger patties.  It’s not a mechanical process.  He also told us about the concept that had come all the way from Denver (which for those interested in the pub quiz points, is 4373 miles from Glasgow).

Fareed talked us through the menu – I liked the create your own section – for those who don’t want a straight up option – but this time went for the new “Triple Bacon Triple Double” which came with two beef patties, three slices bacon, triple cheese and the usual salad options served on a burger bun.   Mr WhatClaireDid decided on the Spicy Jalepeno Baja as he’s a big fan of chipotle (and it even came on a chipotle bun).
smashburger glasgow photo by what claire did
My bacon and cheese burger

For sides, we shunned fries in favour of the new tater tots.  I LOVE TATER TOTS.  It’s potato in a deep fried breadcrumb for those not in the know.  These came with bacon, cheese and bbq sauce which in my eyes is always a winner.  There is a spicy jalepeno version as well for those who love heat.
smashburger glasgow photo by what claire did
Tater Tots with Bacon and Cheese

We also tried the haystack onions – these are not traditional onion rings – and I’d recommend these to share.  You’d probably struggle to manage a whole portion solo.
smashburger glasgow photo by what claire did
Haystack Onions

Smashburger is located on Sauchiehall Street and chances are, if you’re going after dark, you’ll need to be looking for it. It’s located further down the road than the main restaurant area, across the road from M&S if you were heading in the direction of Buchanan Street.  

We enjoyed the food at our Smashburger Glasgow experience, the staff were very helpful and we didn’t have to wait long to be served which is a bonus if it’s the warm up to a night out or a gig. The restaurant is spacious with a mix of tables and booths for different sizes of group.

We went on a Friday and it was quiet which may be due to the location, as most other stores in the surrounding blocks were closed by 7pm.  The service was friendly and food was good, but keep in mind this isn’t the place to go if you’re in search of a cheap eat.  One for the burger aficionados perhaps? 

Follow the Smashburger UK takeover by visiting the website or keeping an eye on their Instagram for cool burger pics. and new menu releases.

Disclaimer: we received a meal for two in return for a review. Any opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Hmmm. I wasn't hugely impressed by Smashburger for the price (went the day before it officially opened), but tater tots could convince me to re-think.

    Happy new blog name, lass! Got a wee bit confused when the old one showed up in my broken link checker - I was like, I could have sworn she tweeted me the other day. NOW IT MAKES SENSE.


    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. Hiyyyya! Thanks for the comment. Likewise, I think we were a bit on the Edge - I hadn't been since the pre-opeming day and we both felt then it was expensive. The tots were good though.

      And thanks also on the re-brand... It's a bit painful at the moment as I've moved everythinh over, updating social, Pinterest links et al but hopefully worth it in the end as it feels more "me" now!!!!

      Hope you are good x