Thursday, 11 October 2018

Top 10 Glasgow Lunch Spots

Readers, after a load of DIY and a few pieces of sponsored content recently, I felt it was time to get back to my routes and pop up a foodie post.  My round up posts have been well received recently, so today I’m doing a top 10 places to eat for lunch in Glasgow.

I’m fortunate enough to work in the city, and I love trying out new places. I’ve tried to pick places from across the city centre and into the Southside too (hey, it’s my neighbourhood).  

Glasgow has so many food joints, that a food blogger like me has to try as many as she can!

Bun Life at Strata – Queen Street, Glasgow City
Bao buns, buns and more buns.  Great value, filling and plenty for meat eaters and veggies. Top tip… the prawn one is amazing.

bun life strata what claire did

Bar Soba – Merchant City, Glasgow City
Another Asian hotspot, that does a meal and a drink for £7 at lunchtime. Some great sides too including dirty katsu fries.

bar soba merchant city glasgow what claire did

 Temaki – Hope Street, Glasgow City
I’m really going for the Asian theme here… small sit in space, or take away, their dumpling and katsu combo is a winner.

temaki glasgow what claire did

 Babs – West Nile Street, Glasgow City
My dad loves this place. Honestly. Mediterranean food, kebabs and the type of place you can take your 60 year old pops. He loves the lamb koftas.

babs glasgow what claire did

Max’s Bar & Grill – Queen Street, Glasgow City
Poutine of the week… every week. I honestly don’t need to say much more. Big bar grub menu and iPads to order on.

maxs bar glasgow what claire did

Halloumi – Hope Street, Glasgow City
Small plate greek food, that does 3 plates for less than £10 at lunchtime.  Not a limited menu either and some good veggie options on the list.

halloumi glasgow what claire did

Oaka Supercity – George Street, Glasgow City
Back on the Asian grub again.  Try their dim sum selection if you want a bit of everything. Hot, steaming and ready in 5 minutes. Benches for you to sit on whilst you get stuck in and you’ll get a filling lunch for £5.50.

halloumi glasgow what claire did

Fylkir of Copenhagen – Newlands Road, Glasgow Southside
Our local Danish café… it might be tiny, but it packs a punch. Good coffee and Danish open sandwiches are the order of the day. Good for hangovers… and getting your hygge on.

fylkir of copenhagen glasgow what claire did

Phillies of Shawlands – Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow Southside
New menu just launched, but I like to go old school and get fired into their pizza.  They can also make a slightly smaller pizza at lunchtime. Means you’ve room for a bowl of fries alongside it.

phillies shawlands glasgow what claire did

Babylon Café – Clyde Place, Glasgow Southside (just!)
It’s over the River, so I count it as a southside joint.  It’s a local, neighbourhood hidden gem… the type of place people have gone to for years. Totally unpretentious and the food is amazing. Trust me on this one. Lebanese, Persian and Middle Eastern classics are served with love. 

babvylon cafe glasgow what claire did

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