Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Top 10 Toronto Eateries

Readers! I’m back to it again tonight with the latest in the travel series.  As you’ve all probably seen over on Instagram, we’re just back from a 10 day trip to Iceland and Canada . We had an amazing time, but most of all, lets address the food in Toronto.  It was AMAZING.  It’s such a multicultural city so you can literally eat anything at any time of the day. Any cuisine, any way, any price.  We really managed to eat our way around the world over the course of a week.  

graffiti alley toronto what claire did food and travel blog

I’ve tried to pick out some of the trip highlights below and have linked up to their website or social pages where I can… If you go to Toronto, be sure to check out some of these great spots.  And let me know!

You’ll find this sweet little burger spot on College St in Little Italy.  The guys were really welcoming, the poutine was spot on and the fed and watered us when we arrived after a transatlantic flight. We also watched The Leafs game with the staff (first one of three that week) cos Canadians are really friendly like that.

Toronto based chain, also found on College Street (and other locations around the city). Big, hearty filling brunch, incredibly welcoming staff, bottomless coffee if you want it and big… massive….

You’ll find it inside the Soho Hotel. Chef Susar Lee’s Chinese restaurant has a hip, stylish interior and great food to go with it. Susar Lee started as an apprentice at The Peninsula in Hong Kong and has been on the tv show Chopped Canada.  The dim sum is amazing.

dim sum at luckee toronto, what claire did

You’ll find this tiny taco joint in downtown Toronto. We fell on it by chance after a trip to Michael’s craft store when we were starving at lunchtime.  Freshly made, great value and filling. Popular with the locals who drop in for a take out lunch.  Seating is available at the back.

mi taco toronto what claire did food and travel blog

Canada’s No1 restaurant. That’s probably all I need to say. It’s booked out weeks in advance and we managed to score a table by booking on the hour the 8 week slots are released.  Was it epic?  Yes.  Was the wine flight worth it?  Absolutely.  Was it value?  For the standard of food and service, it’s cheaper than some of the other big city tasting menus and packed a punch.  We left, full, delighted and longing to go back. 

alo toronto canada number 1 what claire did food and travel blog

alo toronto canada number 1 what claire did food and travel blog

A sports bar?  Really? This was like no other sports bar we’d ever been in. Ever.  It was massive. We went before The Leafs game to enjoy the atmosphere and loved it.  Huge screens, massive bar, friendly staff and a big menu of bar food… Recommended… the buffalo chicken poutine. 

real sports bar and grill toronto poutine what claire did food and travel blog

You’ll find in the Kensington Market area.  A lovely café with a Japanese inspired menu.  We sheltered from a very rainy Toronto day in here, when we were done with the dampness of the city, a steaming hot rice bowl and gyoza awaited. Oh and they do gold leaf ice cream, if you're interested. 

film cafe toronto what claire did food and travel blog

Christina Tosi’s place in the Shangri La Hotel.  We’d been to Momofuku in Vegas and were too full for Milk Bar afterwards, so I was determined to go… take note, it’s very different from the Vegas “counter” experience – it’s a refrigerated glass box, with a few benches outside and the ice cream machine is downstairs.  I had an iconic cereal and milk ice cream and loved it, but… the overall experience wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for.  Worth a visit, even just to see the inside of the hotel!

milk bar toronto what claire did food and travel blog

Again, another place we stumbled upon for lunch.  A lovely food/cookshop/deli type store, with a small café space at the front, making wholesome and delicious food.  The chilli bowl smelled amazing and I enjoyed butter chicken poutine – think chips, cheese curds and slow cooked butter chicken curry on the top.  Well worth visiting, reasonable prices and it’s cooked freshly for you.

wildly delicious toronto food and travel blog what claire did

And lastly, for the ultimate foodie experience, take a trip to St Lawrence Market.   You'll thank me for this.  Every food experience you could wish for, under one roof... and make sure to stop by the Carousel Bakery for a Peameal Bacon Sandwich... buy one between two, so you've space for more!

peameal bacon sandwich carousel bakery toronto what claire did food and travel blog


  1. I only managed one of these places in Toronto (Wildly Delicious) and even that was just a cup of tea! You're making me desperate to go back now. I do love good gyoza.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. I absolutely loved it Lisa... would definitely want to go back sometime.