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Travel Post - Alternative Algarve

Readers, I yet again apologise for the backseat taken in the blogging world. I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my Insta up to date, whilst also not becoming a slave to Insta. I’m also keen to try and post more regularly on my actual blog, because my little piece of the internet was designed to be about my words and life adventures.  Not me trying to get 20k likes because I’m in a bikini (sorry influencers).
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Anyway, as some of you might have seen on Insta, last month we went to Portugal for a week, specifically the Algarve.  You might wonder why this Glasgow blogger picked the Algarve?  Having not been in about 14 years, we got a cheap deal at an amazing hotel that we spotted on Holiday Pirates and decided to take the plunge and book a cheap week away.  It turns out our cheap week in the Algarve was indeed excellent. The hotel was fantastic and it was lovely to experience a different type of holiday. 
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So for today’s post I’m talking Alternative Algarve and some suggestions if you decide to go as a couple in their late 20s or 30s – I think where we stayed MIGHT be a bit tame for some of the younger squad, but perfect if you're looking for peace and tranquility. 

Monchique – Many Mountains

We stayed near Monchique – a pretty little Algarve town up the mountains. It’s suffered terribly from last year’s forest fires, so we felt it really important to go and help their tourism spend.  It’s a long and winding road up to Monchique, so you’d really need to hire a car if you’re going, but it’s an incredibly peaceful place to be.  There are some traditional roadside restaurants, serving decent grub at affordable prices too!

what claire did travel blogger dinner in monchique algarve

Hire A Car

As I mentioned above, consider hiring a car.  The Algarve is fairly easy to drive around, well signposted and it allowed us to venture across many parts of the Algarve.  Hire from a reputable company though and consider the damage waiver, as the Portuguese drives are a bit different from the brits!

Like a Spa?

We stayed at Monchique Resort and Spa – a BEAUTIFUL 5 star hotel near Monchique.  We stayed bed and breakfast (the breakfast was epic).  There’s an underground car park for your hire car, a gorgeous pool with views over the mountains and most of the rooms are suites with massive beds, outdoor terraces with loungers and a home from home feel.    The Spa at the hotel is stocked by ESPA and my massage was wonderful.  The spa circuit was also a fabulous way to spend a few hours on a windy spring morning.

what claire did travel blogger monchique resort algarve

Head to Benagil Caves and Beach

A bit less touristy, you can drive here, park up the car, walk around the caves and then head down to the small beach for a bit of sunbathing afterwards.  If you’d like to get close up, there are cave boat trips and paddleboarding adventures here and its’ a favourite with the Algarve surfing community.

what claire did travel blogger benagil caves algarve

Eat Piri Piri Chicken

You can’t go to the Algarve and not enjoy a piri piri chicken (either half or whole, depending how hungry you are) served with fries.   This is a staple dinner in the Algarve and we found a great place that was stumbling distance from Monchique Resort and Spa, called Foz do Banho, where we had dinner for 2 for less than £30.

Spot Shipwrecks

If you happen to be down in the old fishing village of Alvor on your travels, see if you can spot the shipwreck near the beach… Top tip, you’ll see it in the afternoon.
Image Credit - Instagram dougies_wee_world

Visit the Most South Westerly Point in Europe

An hour or so will lead you to Sagres and on to the most south westerly point in Europe. You can see the lighthouse, walk along the cliffs and loudly shout NEXT STOP AMERICA… if you want to be that annoying person.
what claire did travel blogger sagres lighthouse algarve

Enjoy a Leisurely Seafood Lunch

The Algarve’s restaurants in the more out of town locations are what you would call “rustic”.  Don’t expect hip, modern interiors. Do expect incredibly fresh seafood, delicious Algarvian wines and a no rush attitude, where you can sit for several hours, chatting and enjoying yourself.
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Go Historic in Silves

A lovely town, along the west coast, Silves has beauty and history in equal amounts.  Have a quick lunch near the bottom of the town and build your energy levels for an uphill walk to the cathedral and castle. Walk the old walls and enjoy spectacular views over the town.
what claire did travel blogger silves algarve

 Enjoy an evening in Lagos
We decided to spend our second last night in Lagos – a beach town, with plenty of restaurants and bars to pass an evening.  We stayed in a rustic villa complex with a little outside patio around a 15 minute walk to the main town and a 10 minute walk along to the caves in Lagos.  We only stayed one night, but can recommend taking a stroll past many of the restaurants and bars, taking your time to find one you like. 

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