Monday, 22 June 2020

How To Paint a Geometric Painted Wall

Readers, how is lockdown going for you all?  Staying sane? Painting fences?  Doing DIY?

We moved into our New Build last year and waited as long as we could before we started to decorate.  I’m nervous about using wallpaper on new walls and also know it’s a bit of a pain to get down again, so anything we’ve attempted so far, has been paint only.

Over on Instagram, I’ve seen loads of cool techniques with paint, including geometric walls.  For those of you who don’t know, geometric painted walls are created by making patterns using masking tape, then painting the sections in different colours. When you peel away the tape, there’s a base colour left underneath which breaks up the sections and creates a geometric pattern.

geometric painted wall what claire did

Painted geometric walls are really easy to achieve, look great as a painted feature wall in a room and can be toned in to work with other colours in the room.  Our geometric painted wall took a Sunday afternoon and evening to complete (so around 8 hours, for 2 coats of paint) and is an amazing addition to downstairs.

I’ve pulled together a What Claire Did, Top Tips Blog Post, showing you how easy it is to create a geometric painted wall in your own home!

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Watch YouTube

We had no idea how to do this and went straight to YouTube to watch some time lapse videos of other DIYers creating their geometric painted walls first.  It looked easy and turns out it is.


Use Frog Tape

I cannot state this enough. Spend the money, buy good masking tape.    We used the green 36mm Frog Tape to create the gaps on the walls between colours. Make sure to mask off the skirting, edges, ceiling and any plugs you have.  Make sure the tape is properly stuck down at the edge, as this is what you’ll peel back to create the straight lines on your geometric wall.

I’d highly recommend Frog Tape for general painting as well, not just for geometric walls, as there’s no paint bleed and the finish is much better for a professional looking job.

frog tape geometric painted wall what claire didfrog tape geometric painted wall what claire did

Stick to A Few Colours and Tones

This is really important, keep to 3 or 4 colours max.  You want it to look stylish, not an art project unless you’re into that.

We used two colours – a jewel toned emerald green, a dark grey and a lighter grey.

Less colours and shades or tones of the same colour, keep it looking clean and not “too much”.

geometric painted wall what claire did

Pick A Base Colour

We were fortunate the wall was painted white underneath, so we could get straight to masking the pattern on our geometric painted wall.  Think about what colour you want where the strips are pulled off.  If you want anything other than the colour the wall already is, you’ll need to paint the entire wall first, let it dry for a few days/weeks, then start the process of painting on top.  Leave PLENTY OF TIME for the paint underneath to dry, before you start more colours on top.

Don’t Buy Too Much Paint

We bought 3 full size cans for our paint job (cost around £50ish).   We had LOADS left and I mean LOADS.  We’ve since painted the downstairs bathroom, the upstairs office and a feature wall in the spare room, with the paint we used.

Tester pots are a cheap way to achieve this look on the wall.  2-3 tester pots in each shade/colour would probably allow you to do one wall in a medium sized room.

Or buy the bigger tins and do what we did – paint more walls.  By using similar colours, you create a flow throughout the rooms in the house.

 geometric painted wall what claire did

Mix Big and Small Sections

Keep your geometric painted sections in different sizes, to make the wall interesting.  The point is to create a cool pattern, not to have something measured out. Be careful not to go too small though, otherwise your wall can begin to look cluttered.  We divided a total of 14 sections across the whole wall in a mix of sizes.   Choose your main colour (in our case it was grey, in 2 shades) for the majority of the wall, then pick an accent colour (we used the emerald green) to paint in a few key sections across the wall.

geometric painted wall what claire did

geometric painted wall what claire did

 Bonus Tip – Be Patient

Before you start peeling off the masking tape, please make sure your paint is fully dry.  Wait at least 4 hours.  You don’t want paint runs and smudges because you peeled the frog tape off your geometric painted wall too early.  It’s worth the wait and incredibly satisfying once you start the peeling!



  1. I love this colour scheme, What shades of grey paint did you use? they compliment eachother beautifully!

  2. Hello!

    Sorry its taken a bit of time to reply. I used Dulux paints bought from B&M, in a matt finish. I can't remember the exact shades but went for one pale grey and one darker grey. It might be worth picking up a couple of tester pots to try first on the wall, so you can find some shades you like.