About Claire

Hello, thanks for coming to visit my blog What Claire Did! Enjoy your stay!

I'm Claire... just turned 30 person, home cook and baker originally from a wee town in the east of Scotland, who's decided to chart her kitchen exploits, restaurant reviews and travel tips. 

Nowadays, I'm married, living in Glasgow - loving city life and sharing my story along the way. You'll regularly see some Glasgow Living features on here... I hope you find them interesting, either as a local or a visitor to our great city. I regularly post restaurant reviews and events I've attended in the great city I call home.

You'll probably have noticed my blog's had an overhaul and I've re-branded as What Claire Did.  After moving to Glasgow, I realised my focus had shifted and my content was becoming more about eating out in the city, my love of travel, eating at great places and wandering around the world.

What started as a baking blog in 2013 has evolved into a cooking (don't panic, I'm still baking), food review, brand collaboration, restaurant review and travel blog.  My passion lies in the great food that's available round the world and the wanderlust that accompanies it... so here we have this new and improved piece of the internet.

I hope you enjoy my life adventures and I'm PR friendly, so please get in touch if you'd like a product review, restaurant/food review or travel coverage.   I promise a clear and concise review, completed within the deadline, with good photography along the way and accompanying social media posts.

For now, sit back and enjoy What Claire Did!


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  1. Awesome blog Claire from a awesome girl :) LK